Thursday, August 16, 2012

Filthy Boy

UPDATE December 2013: New LP available now:  'Smile That Won't Go Down"

James Endeacott is to raw talent what a divining rod is to water.  I reckon he vibrates when he spots a hot new band. James has brought us The Strokes, The Libertines, The View  and his latest discovery is no less talented and unique.  Meet Filthy Boy.

Filthy Boy is a new alternative band from South London.

Members: Paraic Morrissey, Michael Morrissey, Harry Weskin and Benjamin Deschamps.

If I close my eyes when I listen to Filthy Boy, it feels like I have been transported back in time to some mid-60's dark and probably aromatic hole named something like The Cave or The Cellar.

I first heard the Naughty Corner lyrics and I was intrigued, then I heard Spiral Eyes and Waiting On the Doorstep and I was in love.  I feel voyeuristic as I peeking in someones bedroom window to catch them doing the nasty. I am fascinated by the words, the deep sultry tones and the hot guitar licks...I want more.
Watch the new videos Waiting On The Doorstep and Naughty Corner then visit Filthy Boy's band-site and listen to Spiral Eyes and see what you think.

Enjoy the new "Naughty Corner" Video. (inspired by a 50's fetish film director called Elliot Castle)

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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Dino Valente

I thought I would feature one of my favorite singer-songwriters from the 60/70's:

Dino Valente

Dino Valente AKA Chet Powers AKA Jesse Oris Farrow (real name - Chet)
(October 7, 1937 – November 16, 1994)
American singer - songwriter, and a member of the rock group Quicksilver Messenger Service during the years 1969 - 1979

My personal favorite: "Children of the Sun"

I consider this one of the most important songs of the times, it really did bring people together. "(Let's) Get Together" written by Chet Powers, was recorded by numerous artists, this is one the most well known versions:

The biggest commercial hit for Quicksilver was "Fresh Air" it's from my favorite QS album, Just for Love - 1970 and was written using the Jesse Oris Farrow psuedonium.

I wanted to share his distinctive and haunting voice, along with these beautiful songs with some of the young blood who may not have had the privilage before.
Dino Valente site