Saturday, December 14, 2013

Johnny Cash - Christmas Songs and Memories.

I  heard my first Johnny Cash recording while I was still in the cradle. His music was always a part of life.

My Mom and Dad were huge fans. Mom loved the entire Carter Family, but Dad didn't like the women singing, he called it caterwauling. Mom and I saw Johnny once at Panther Hall in Ft Worth. I was just a tiny eight year old and I remember he was very large and tall. He reminded me of John Wayne, no one would bother you with him around.

My family enjoyed gathering with guitars and tambourines for sing-a-longs and we did it often. My great-aunts would imitate the Carter Sisters with their high pitched off-key voices, (the great-aunts, not the Carters) but it was all in good fun.

Everyone would sing, but Mom was the true talent, her voice was rich and pure, similar to Dottie West or Patty Page. She would sing The Tennessee Waltz and everyone would stop what they where doing to listen. Men melted. Here I go off on a tangent as usual, but who cares. I still miss my Mom terribly. Is this really the third Christmas with out her?

Since it is the Christmas season, I have added a couple of holiday favorites below that. I hope you enjoy.

An early Christmas duet with Johnny and June.

This is the complete 1977 Christmas Show

This one is a sad one. Get the tissues.

For Mama