Saturday, February 19, 2011

Music Is Alive and in the Hands of a Scotsman!

Hello, friends. My blog fingers have cobwebs on them it has been so long, but I found something I want to share or I should say someone.

I have been editing my Music Industry lists at Twitter, "Music Discloses The Soul" and "Twifusion", oh look,  there <--- on the left. See? OK then,  back to what I was saying, I wanted to find and add more fresh blood to my list. I set out on a trek through the world of record companies and online music magazines in search of an artist/group/song that stirred or stimulated me in some way.  I read a headline recently, "Music is Dead!"  That's not what I found on my trek. I found life. I make no claim to knowing anything about the music industry, I only know what I like personally and I liked much of what I heard and saw.

There were so many fresh sounds and captivating videos I couldn't stop sharing them through my tweets(sorry for the flood), as a listener I was enamoured by many of the artists, but I believe I have fallen in love with one artist in particular. I find the pure, haunting, perfect pitch of Steve Mason mesmerizing.

Steve is a Scottish musician, best known as the lead singer and one of the founding members of The Beta Band. I was slightly familiar with him since a friend had mentioned "Boys Outside" a few months previously and I did listen to the title track at that time, but I was also doing twenty other things and I didn't give it the attention I now know it deserves.

I just found this interview, it will fill you in on his background!
Steve Mason - Interview - Montreux Jazz Festival 2010

Since I am nothing if not a good stalker, I recently started following Steve Mason's twitter and you should too. @   Steve is quite an opinionated *cough* (We disagree on politics)and well read fellow. It is his voice that has made me want to spotlight him here though. Please listen and see if you agree with me:

This is an acoustic version of a Beta Band song. "Simple" It was recorded a the launch party for his Boys Outside album.

Click Here if you want to hear the rest of the Acoustic Set, including four tracks for Boys Outside (All Come Down, I Let Her In, Boys Outside and Am I Just A Man), two Beta Band songs and a cover of Madonna's "Borderline".

I know this is a long blog, but I want to add one more song, I am pretty sure he is singing it right to me. Don't laugh if I say I feel a kinship with Steve Mason. This Scotsman has reached across the world and touched this Texas soul. I let him in.

I Let Her In

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