Saturday, December 8, 2012

Frightened Rabbit

Frightened Rabbit is an indie-folk band from Selkirk, Scotland, based in Glasgow and formed in 2003.

Scott Hutchison - guitarist/lyricist
Grant Hutchison - drummer
Billy Kennedy - guitarist/bassist
Andy Monaghan - guitarist
Gordon Skene - keyboardist

I like everything I have heard from Frightened Rabbit. This is from the new album 'Pedestrian Verse' coming February 2013. I am fairly certain they rummaged through my brain and stole these lyrics. I can't prove it in a court of I will let it go. Seriously, I think these boys get to the heart of matters and I like that. It is best if you listen for yourself. 

Dead Now

Another from"Pedestrian Verse" - The Woodpile.

  This is my personal favorite song: Scottish Winds

If you like and want to hear more, here is a link to a playlist,  Frightened Rabbit - YouTube:  

You can pre-order 'Pedestrian Verse'  here, CD or Vinyl:

PV Site:

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Filthy Boy

UPDATE December 2013: New LP available now:  'Smile That Won't Go Down"

James Endeacott is to raw talent what a divining rod is to water.  I reckon he vibrates when he spots a hot new band. James has brought us The Strokes, The Libertines, The View  and his latest discovery is no less talented and unique.  Meet Filthy Boy.

Filthy Boy is a new alternative band from South London.

Members: Paraic Morrissey, Michael Morrissey, Harry Weskin and Benjamin Deschamps.

If I close my eyes when I listen to Filthy Boy, it feels like I have been transported back in time to some mid-60's dark and probably aromatic hole named something like The Cave or The Cellar.

I first heard the Naughty Corner lyrics and I was intrigued, then I heard Spiral Eyes and Waiting On the Doorstep and I was in love.  I feel voyeuristic as I peeking in someones bedroom window to catch them doing the nasty. I am fascinated by the words, the deep sultry tones and the hot guitar licks...I want more.
Watch the new videos Waiting On The Doorstep and Naughty Corner then visit Filthy Boy's band-site and listen to Spiral Eyes and see what you think.

Enjoy the new "Naughty Corner" Video. (inspired by a 50's fetish film director called Elliot Castle)

 Find them:
FB Facebook
Oh Mercy Management, Mat Schneck / James Endeacott:


Thursday, August 9, 2012

Dino Valente

I thought I would feature one of my favorite singer-songwriters from the 60/70's:

Dino Valente

Dino Valente AKA Chet Powers AKA Jesse Oris Farrow (real name - Chet)
(October 7, 1937 – November 16, 1994)
American singer - songwriter, and a member of the rock group Quicksilver Messenger Service during the years 1969 - 1979

My personal favorite: "Children of the Sun"

I consider this one of the most important songs of the times, it really did bring people together. "(Let's) Get Together" written by Chet Powers, was recorded by numerous artists, this is one the most well known versions:

The biggest commercial hit for Quicksilver was "Fresh Air" it's from my favorite QS album, Just for Love - 1970 and was written using the Jesse Oris Farrow psuedonium.

I wanted to share his distinctive and haunting voice, along with these beautiful songs with some of the young blood who may not have had the privilage before.
Dino Valente site


Friday, June 15, 2012

Monday, May 28, 2012

Two Wounded Birds Album Review

by Dona Bogart
Release Date: June 24, 2012
Holiday Friends Recording Co

Two Wounded Birds

Johnny Danger - Vocals/Guitar
Ally Blackgrove - Bass
Joe Stevens - Guitar
James Shand - Drums

Two Wounded Birds are from the sea-side town of Margate (UK) and they have a retro, surf sound surrounded by an edge of punk. Think sun, sand, leather and Raybans.

I have been waiting for this self-titled album since I first heard TWB in 2009. Though they did release a well received EP, Keep Dreaming Baby in 2010,  I only considered it an tasty appetizer and I was still hungry for the main course. I have not been disappointed. This album is a heaping full pop platter and it has been plated so that each course compliments the next. This is classic pop tinged with haunting melodies and killer hooks. This band loves music and loves performing and they draw you in so you become a part of it. You can feel the energy and enthusiasm in each song. You can hear the influences of the Beach Boys, Elvis, and Neil Young, as well as The Cure, The Ramones and The Smiths. I think someone was even channeling Jerry Lee Lewis on Daddys Junk.

1. Together Forever
2. My Lonesome
3. To Be Young
4. It's Not Up To You
5. Daddys Junk
6. Night Patrol
7. The Last Supper
8. I'm No Savior
9. If Only We Remain
10. No Goodbyes
11. The Outer World
12. Growing

Starting with the upbeat Together Forever this is one of those "debut" albums where every single song is worth listening to. It is a consistently solid album that will never grow old. The sound is so full and well rounded it is hard to believe there are only four members of this band.

My Lonesome (listen above) is a song I was already familiar with. It is one of my favorites. The vocals backed by the retro Hawaiian guitar combine to give lonesome a whole new meaning. Johnny Danger does sound a bit dangerous and I have to wonder what he does all alone. To Be Young and It's Not Up To You are lovely pop songs full of of angst.

I am mezmerized by Night Patrol. It is not just the sky that is dark at night. Johnny Danger sounds sultry and mysterious and takes you on a journey somewhere exotic and possibly illegal. I love it.
The opening of The Last Supper reminds me of a Clint Eastwood Spagetti Western then it turns all groovy. The beat, the angst, the harmonies in I'm No Savior are simply beautiful.

I may have a girl crush on Ally Blackgrove, she is so impressive on bass and gorgeous to boot and especially solid on If Only We Remain. It has The Smiths influence all over it. I plainly hear young Morrissey. No Goodbyes and The Outer World  (listen above) have a 60's vibe and they both feel comfortable and familar. The last track, Growing, is a lovely song that is filled with longing and delicious melancoly.

Every song has a distinct sound yet the album flows from track one to track twelve as effortlessly as water poured down a slide. I am thrilled with this album.  I have followed @twowoundedbirds since 2009 and I personally adore them. I have watched the hard work and effort they invest in their craft and they have gained respect.  I also compliment Two Wounded Birds on their social skills. They have a great rapport with the fans and interact whenever possible.  I think you will be happy with yourself if you order today.

Pre-order here:
Two Wounded Birds - Audio CD
Two Wounded Birds -Vinyl

Thank you for reading and please enjoy this free download: To Be Young

More info about Two Wounded Birds can be found at their TWB website
Their Facebook page is here and they are on Twitter here: @twowoundedbirds.

Watch videos of Two Wounded Birds below:

(I love this stock footage, I hope they don't update it)


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sly Stone

I associate a happy time in my life with the music of Sly and the Family Stone, it was a time when everything was fitting into place. My family, friends, career...everything was where it needed to be. One night my friends and I had a dance marathon to Sly and the Family, we had them on reel-to-reel.  I won. *blushes* Last night I was on Twitter and this came across my time-line. It made me sad. I wanted to reach out and give Sly a big bear hug and ask if I could help. This sounds like his heart is hurting and that hurts my own heart.

Slys tweet:

Sly Stone ‏@HigherSlyStone
I don't like the word happiness anymore.